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What will be the future of tablet computing? How will the ‘internet of things’ make technology and human behavior more seamless?

Mac Funamizu, an award winner for design concept at the Red Dot design competition, came up with a design for the future of mobile search called Looking Glass - a transparent tablet with complex integration of image identification, mapping, directions, calendar, virtual shopping, instant dictionary and search, and augmented reality among many other applications.

(via thebib)

Pandora unveils free concert series - fans get invites based on thumbing histories.

Dawes is up first with a show in Portland, OR.

Love this concept: reward a fan for using a product in a way that benefits his interestes - and then have that reward be related to those interests. Private invites are going out to fans based on what they’ve thumbed up…

But it goes deeper: the LA times says the region was chosen based on user recommendation data. “Portland was chosen as the city for the show after data recorded by Pandora’s Music Genome Project showed listeners in that region were 25% more likely to like a Dawes song and 30% more likely to create a station from the band than listeners in any other U.S. city…”

Twine by Supermechanical is a web-enabled sensor module that can connect all manner of things to the Internet. Internal and external sensors monitor a variety of inputs such as movement or temperature and then generate messages about that information—for instance, Twine can send an email when a basement is flooding, or a text when a door is opened. David Carr and John Kestner of Supermechanical are raising funds and pre-selling Twine on Kickstarter.

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